Mixed Recycling

Benefits of Mixed Recycling


  • Saves time – no sorting
  • Saves space – only one container
  • No need to take items to facilities to drop off – We come to you
  • Your own container picked up bi-weekly, weekly, or more
  • More environmentally friendly
  • One truck entering facility or neighborhood to pick up recyclables instead of multiple
  • Less sorting required for drop off facilities (everything needed to be sorted before the program began due to items not being sorted correctly)

Recyclable Items

If your city has a recycling program set up with our company, follow the link for a list of acceptable items and unacceptable items that can be put in the can:

How it Works

256c2dbe3ddd88d6c2ffddf4409b7001Once the container is picked up at the business, our truck goes to Rocky Mountain Recycling to unload the items to be sorted and turned into new products.

My beautiful pictureOnce our materials are there, Rocky Mountain Recycling (RMR) loads up the materials onto a sort line where everything is sorted thoroughly multiple times.

psb-stackOnce the recyclables are sorted, they are made into bails of paper, metals, cardboard, and sent to the various mills to be turned into new products by truck or train.

Services Provided for Program

  • Front Load – For Businesses
  • 95 gallon containers – For Residents and Businesses
  • Roll off containers


We plan to recycle anything our contracts, and reasonable operations will allow. If you need it recycled, we will find a way to recycle it.

truck taking bails of recyclables to mill to be processed into new materials