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Mixed Recycling for Business

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Mixed Recycling

We have many different options for recycling at your home or your business. Some may vary depending on area, but below is a list of what we offer in most areas. If we don’t service it ourselves, we know where you can.

Ace Disposal also provides recycle centers for those businesses that want a central location to put all the recyclables throughout the office. We are able to custom build the centers to fit your needs. The recycle containers help remind employees to recycle. It helps questions get answered on what exactly can be recycled. The centers work great in break room areas or any high traffic areas. With our mixed recycle program, the recyclables DO NOT NEED to be sorted, but it does help once it is picked up and taken to the recycle facility to be sorted thoroughly.

Need a Dumpster for Your Business?

Need to rent a dumpster for a day, week, month or other short-term period?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get recycling at my business?

Give us a call and we can direct you in the right direction. If you already have an account with us you will be directed to your account manager. If you don't know who that is, we can give you that information.

What kind of paper can I recycle?

Computer Paper
Junk Mail
Note Paper
Office Paper
Shredded Paper Rolls
Wrapping Paper
Cardboard (flatten or cut)
Cereal Boxes
Food Boxes & Cartons
Gift, Shoe & Tissue Boxes
Paper Bags
Paperback & Telephone Books
Paper Egg Cartons
Clean Paper Plates/Cups

What kind of plastic can I recycle?

Plastic Containers #1-7
Plastic Cleaning & Laundry Bottles
Plastic Food & Juice Bottles
Milk Jugs
Soda Pop Bottles
Water Jugs & Bottles
Food & Juice Bottles
Laundry Jugs & Bottles
Plastic Bottles

What kind of metal can I recycle?

Aluminum Cans
Aluminum Disposable Plates & Pans
Metal Jar & Bottle Lids
Steel Cans
Tin Cans
Clean Aluminum Foil

What kind of items are unacceptable for recycling?

Bubble Wrap
Carpet & Padding
Cardboard Containers with Plastic Coatings
Cardboard Milk or Juice Cartons
China & Ceramics
Dirty Paper Plates & Cups
Dirty Styrofoam Dishware
Disposable Diapers
Food & Liquid Waste
Furnace Filters
Garden Hoses
Glass (any kind)
Household Hazardous Waste
Light Bulbs & Tubes
Motor Oil
Packing Peanuts
Paint Cans
Pizza Boxes
Plastic Buckets
Plastic Tarps
Plastic Toys
Print & Toner Cartridges
Small Appliances & Electronics
Trash & Yard Waste
Used Paper Plates & Cups
Waxed & Plastic Coated Paper
Window Blinds
Wood & Building Material

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