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Careers at Ace Disposal

If you are looking for a career at a company where you have a secure job, good pay and excellent benefits along with family atmosphere, Ace Disposal is your safest bet.


The waste hauling industry has changed dramatically over the last 15 years, and the need for trash disposal only increases more each day. New technology has turned garbage trucks into large box trucks with powerful hydraulic arms and packers. Drivers have to be professional hydraulic operators, and strong independent workers.

Ace has been operating locally in Salt Lake City since 1980 and we have grown to become the largest local waste hauler in Utah. Our positions include sales, truck driving, dispatch, mechanics, metal fabrication/painting, customer service, accounting and management. Given the specific industry we are in we are always looking for experienced drivers, mechanics, or sales people. Our need for office personnel is rare but will be posted if available. Ace Disposal is only looking to grow and we are strong believers that employees are the base of any successful company.

Ace Recycling and Disposal is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer


Ace Disposal has been locally owned and operated since 1980. Its successive growth over the years is due to the dedicated employees that remain with us today. Ace Disposal firmly believes in employee empowerment, and we rely on confident and independent operators. A trucking company’s backbone is built with strong employee loyalty, and matched with employer recognition. We feel confident that our employees will make suggestions and decisions with the benefit of our company in mind. In turn, they depend on us to provide for them and their families. Our definition of a career is specializing and taking pride in your work.