ACE Recycling & Disposal: Proudly serving you for over 44 years.
ACE Recycling & Disposal can help you recycle all of your glass products. Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled repeatedly without loss in quality or purity. In fact, 90% of recycled glass is used to make new containers. Recycled glass containers are always needed because glass manufacturers require high-quality recycled container glass to meet market demands for new glass containers.

Glass Recycling Process


The glass recycling process begins when glass is sorted based on color. Different chemicals need to be added to take the glass back to a basic color.


The glass pieces are crushed into tiny pieces of sand like pellets referred to as cullets. Once crushed, the glass goes through the process of removing contaminants such as metal and ceramic pieces.

Melting and Recycling

The last process is to melt the cullets to be used.

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We recommend that you wrap up all broken class in paper and then carefully dispose of it in your regular trash.

Different melting temperature’s really determines which glass can be recycled. Please wrap non-beverage and food glass in newspaper or plastic bags and place in your garbage can.

Any glass contaminated with dirt, food, or mercury
Heat-resistant glass
Mirror or window glass
Light Bulbs
Frosted glass
Plate glass