Welcome to Ace Recycling

We take pride in the work that we do to ensure that Utah remains a beautiful state. Our customers come back to us year after year because they know that our services are dependable, our sales staff is phenomenal and that our drivers take as much pride in our community as we do.

How Recycling Works

1. Collection

Ace Recycling and Disposal collects recycling for various cities in Utah. On the day your neighborhood is assigned recycling, our trucks pick up recycling from the curb.

2. Drop Off

Ace Recycling and Disposal drops off recyclables at a local Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). The MRF sorts and bales your recyclables by material type.

3. Reuse

The Materials Recovery Facility will sell the bales to both national and international recyclers who turn the recyclables into new products.

How Did Recycling Change?

China, who has historically taken most of the U.S. recyclable exports, began to enforce stricter importing regulations for recyclable materials and not accepting some materials altogether.

This has caused MRFs to use more resources in order to meet the stricter standards set by China and to look for other places to sell the recyclables to, both domestically and overseas. Consequently, prices of processing the materials have drastically increased. The focus has shifted from recycling more to recycling better.

Is Recycling Still Worth It?

Yes! Your plastic bottles, metal cans, paper, and cardboard are still valuable materials. The recycling industry has gone through downs like this before and it will rebound, just like it has in the past. New facilities and technologies will emerge domestically that will be able to handle the material we can no longer export.

What Can I Recycle?

Clean and empty plastic bottles and jugs, aluminum and steel cans, cardboard boxes, and paper. Click here for our updated recycling guide. Remember when you’re in doubt, throw it out…and maybe think of how you can avoid that waste in the future.