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Side Loaders

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Side Loaders

Our Side Loaders are automated trucks that pick up 65 or 95 gallon garbage containers.  They are primarily used for residential, mobile home communities, and apartments where a large truck is unable to enter. They are also used for smaller businesses that require low level of service. A 95 gallon automated container contains slightly less than .5 cubic yard.

Please note that the equipment is designed in a manner that shaking or banging the can while dumping is not possible.

What About Hazardous Materials?

Due to regulations and limitations of the residential system, hazardous waste, medical waste and heavy materials such as concrete and dirt cannot be serviced (click here to learn how to dispose of hazardous waste).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get service set up for my business?

Just call ACE and a customer service representative will send a Sales Rep. out to figure container size, placement, and frequency.My can is alway.

My can is always overfilled, how can I get more frequent service?

Just call your Sales Representative. If you don’t know who your sales rep is, call ACE and a customer response member will give you the info.

Who should I contact for a question about my bill?

Call Ace and a customer response member will transfer you to the accounts receivable dept. Make sure you have your account # and invoice ready.
Please be aware that we bill for the current month. This means we send you a bill for January on Jan. 1st. Your bill is not considered past due until the 1st of the next month. For example you would have all month to pay a bill you received in January. It would not be considered past due until Feb 1st.

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