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Ace Recycling and Disposal

How do we deal with the construction waste?

Running a construction site can be complicated. Perhaps the last thing on your mind would be how to best deal with construction waste.  That is why Ace Recycling and Disposal is there to help. We will help you deal with all construction waste. We have the following sizes to help you deal with your construction…

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Is it worth it to recycle your cell phone?

“For every 1 million cell phones that are recycled, 35,274 lbs of copper, 772 lbs of silver, 75 lbs of gold, and 33 lbs of palladium can be recovered.”♻️ @dosomething #recycle #refurbished #smartphones @Galaxye_eSol #ICO — that jroeh (@thatjroeh) February 21, 2018

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Are Banana Peels Recyclable?

Banana peels are not recyclable. They are food waste and therefore must be composted instead of recycled. If you are still not comfortable disposing of your banana peels try a few of the following: Shoe polish — bananas contain potassium which is a key ingredient in shoe polish. So give it a try. Rub it…

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Alpine Waste Services

We offer waste services to residents in Alpine, Utah. We offer 65-95 gallon containers for your residential waste. We ask that all residents do the following: Place your container on the curb by 6:30am Use the 3 ft rule: place your cans at least 3 feet from other cans, mailboxes, trees, fences, cars, and any other…

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West Jordan Ewaste and Paper Shred Event

We had a great time at West Jordan City Hall this weekend. Residents came from 10-12 to drop off documents they needed to shred as well as EWaste. The day was uncharacteristically warm and West Jordan residents kept us busy the entire morning. We can’t wait to see you again in May!  

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Don’t Miss It! Come See Us at the West Jordan EWaste Event

West Jordan residents can bring up to two “bankers boxes” of paper for shredding and residential electronic waste each quarter. Documents will be shredded onsite in the west parking lot behind City Hall, 8000 S. Redwood Road from 10 a.m.-noon. Hard drives can also be shredded if they have been removed from the computer. Unfortunately, televisions, CRT…

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