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Keeping Our Communities Clean Since 1980

Whether you need a Dumpster, Trash Pickup, or Recycling Services, we've got you covered.

How Can ACE Recycling & Disposal Help You?


Rent a dumpster for Apartments, Business Offices, Construction, Industrial Areas, Property Managements, Restaurants, Utility Companies, & more.


We provide residential garbage pickup services for many cities and communities.


We will pick up recyclables and drop them off at a local Materials Recovery Facility.

Business, Residential, Recycling, & Construction Services

Today, this is our community and these are our friends. No longer are we just taking out the trash. Now, we share a connection in caring for our customers, our employees, and our environment. Early to rise and ready to serve. We are ACE Recycling & Disposal, the largest independent waste hauler in the Western United States.

Ratings & Reviews

Holly Komoroski
Holly Komoroski
We love Ace! Our driver has always been respectful, kind and friendly. My son is 3, he's obsessed with anything "garbage truck". Our driver takes his time on our street each week - just so my son can watch the truck a bit longer. He's always asking us how we're doing and just overall is a happy guy. Thank you!
I like ACE Disposal. They service our dumpster at my warehouse and my home. Yep maybe some garbage doesn't make it into the truck, so what. Pick it up. Garbage collection is not easy or clean. Be happy they do this dirty job. If you're too fancy to pick up a few things occasionally then take your garbage to the landfill yourself. I'm sure you will like that much better...NOT. They don't need to get out of the truck to pick up a napkin or your empty beer can... You do it! Like they said... It's not easy to collect 1000 trash cans per day. Thanks ACE!
Duane Gren
Duane Gren
I work for Ace
Bonnie Mason
Bonnie Mason
Update-9/14/2022-Once again love these guys. It appears a bag came out of my trash can after it was dumped and the driver got out, picked it up and through it in the can. Now that is great customer service! I am so impressed with our recycling professional in Overland in Eagle Mountain. He saw that a cardboard box was up against a recycling bin (it blew there and I intended to grab it but had not made it out the door) and he got out of his truck and picked it up. To me that is exceptional customer service as many would have just ignored it.
Dallis Pyeatt
Dallis Pyeatt
Kenneth Russo
Kenneth Russo
David McConkie
David McConkie
I happen to own an HOA management company that works with several waste removal companies in Utah. Most other options have terrible contracts. Most will come in cheap but have clauses in the contract allowing pricing to jump dramatically each year. Ace doesn't do that kind of stuff. Most of the time Ace's customer service is heads above the other options. Seriously, it's so bad at some other companies! Most of the time Ace's drivers do a good job. Every once in a while there's an issue. One is happening at a community we manage where the driver claims they picked up, but they did not. It got worse, because they didn't come the following day. Then they promised they'd show up on Saturday for a special pick up to make up for the two days we say they didn't pick up. They didn't show up on Saturday. On Monday they couldn't pick up because construction vehicles were blocking the dumpster. On Tuesday the driver said he came, but yet again, they did not. Finally they came today, a week since the last pick up in a community paying for daily pick ups. Why 5 stars then??? This is the first time I've had this level of issues. They are now requiring photos be taken by the driver every day to prove pick up. I believe they have resolved whatever the issue was. In every other community we manage, we haven't had issues. To me, it's not about whether a company has an isolated issue, but how they respond to it and make it right. Ace has always resolved any issues we have had.
B.A. Backus
B.A. Backus


We provide business, residential, recycling, and construction trash removal services.

Contact us 801-363-9995 or email for more information.

Call us at 801-363-9995 or email

Our temporary department will be happy to assist you!

We are a trash removal company only, not a trash drop-off location.

On your city’s website. We also have a service area map that you can view here. Or give us a call at 801-363-9995 or email
We will be happy to assist you!

Contact ACE Recycling & Disposal at 801-363-9995 or email

We will need your name (first & last) phone number, service address.

Commercial services & Unincorporated cities– with the information sent we can refer the
Sales Representative in your area to contact you with pricing and the many options we offer.

Residential services– Contact your city to set up services.

Go to our recycling page for a full list of what can be recycled.

Below is a list of hazardous materials that cannot be disposed of:

*Solvent-based paints.

*Pesticides and other garden chemicals.

*Batteries (for example car, mobile phone or regular household batteries)

*Motor oils (for example from cars or mowers)

*Petrol and kerosene.

*Cleaning and polishing chemicals.

*Swimming pool or spa bath chemicals.

We service the following counties:

  • Salt Lake County
  • Utah County
  • Davis County
  • Weber County
  • Tooele County
  • Summit County
  • Wasatch County
  • and Uinta County

We provide temporary construction dumpsters, fencing, porta-potties, and storage containers. Call us @ 801-363-9995 for more information.

We do not take recyclables to the landfill, we take them to

Rocky Mountain Recycling, a local recycling company.

Hauling Over 2300 Tons of Waste and Recyclable Material Every Single Day

ACE remains family owned. ACE has a long line of dedicated employees who care. Like driver, Chris Sanchez, our drivers are willing to get out there and go that extra mile for our customers, using onboard safety systems that give them the eyes to see what really matters and tracking technology that keeps them on schedule. Hauling over 2,300 tons of waste and recyclable material every single day.

Looking for more than just a job?

Make a difference. Start Your Career with ACE Disposal today.

ACE Recycling & Disposal can help you thrive. We believe that our employees deserve the best pay, benefits, rewards, bonuses, and work environment so they and their families can thrive. We are a value-driven, professional business that is committed to making a difference in our communities and in the lives of our employees.


ACE Recycling & Disposal Recognized as a TOP Workplace By the SAlt Lake Tribune

The Salt Lake Tribune has recognized ACE Recycling & Disposal as a TOP WORKPLACE in 2021. This is the FIFTH time ACE Disposal has been selected for this prestigious placement.

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