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Green Waste

It may be confusing as to why materials that are perfectly biodegradable would need to be recycled. Green waste materials are extremely biodegradable, but it takes up large amounts of space in the landfills. When recycled, the materials can be turned into mulch and compost material and reused by consumers. Green waste is not a one-on-one scheduled basis but by city contracted services.

We collect the following:

Grass clippings • Bushes • Shrubs• Leaves• Garden waste• Produce • Weeds • Wood chips

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Green Waste
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Residential Waste Disposal

Residential Tips

Place your container on the curb by 6:30am

Use the 3 ft rule: place your cans at least 3 feet from other cans, mailboxes, trees, fences, cars, and any other object.

Avoid placing your cans under trees or basketball standards.

Please don’t put hot ashes in your can! (this can cause a fire)

Please don’t overload your can. Items should not stick out above the top more than a couple of inches.

No hazardous waste

Recycle everything you can

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Need a Dumpster for Your Home?

Rent a dumpster by the day, week, month or other short-term period with ACE.


Food Scraps
Burned Wood
Bio Solids/Pet Waste
Chip Board
Particle Board
Pressure Treated Wood
Railroad Ties
Laminate Wood
Sewage Sludge
Stained/Painted Wood

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