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Bulk Trash Items left at the door
Every week we have a number of customers that call us panicked because they missed trash day! The story is usually similar…they were rushing around in the morning, trying to get kids to school.

They suddenly heard the rumble of the garbage truck passing the house. They call us panicked knowing that it will be almost impossible to go another week without the trash can being emptied!

If this happens to you, then call us! Oftentimes, we can reroute our trucks to stop at your place for a missed can.

My Trash Wasn’t Picked Up?

Other times you come home and the trash can may still be full. WE recieve calls asking why trash wasn’t picked up. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why a can may not be picked up.

Bulk Items
Sometimes a trash can may be full of bulk items that we cannot pick up with our residential trucks.

Appliances & Furniture
Appliances may include refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, or water coolers, furniture, carpet and padding, sofas, mattresses, and water heaters. These need to be taken to the landfill by the resident. Some Utah cities have bulk waste pick up days. Check your cities page for more information.

Construction or Demolition Debris
We cannot collect major debris from construction and demolition projects. We can take it if it’s debris from a weekend’s home improvement or remodeling project. Please keep in mind that it must be boxed, bagged, or bundled.

Our customers need to contact us for special arrangements if they are disposing of major construction. Disposal of major construction or demolition debris requires special arrangements.

Flammable or hazardous material
We cannot take flammable or hazardous materials in regular residential trash. These materials are regulated by state law and must be disposed of properly through the appropriate residential city.

A flammable material has combustible properties, meaning that the material can ignite quickly. It really depends on the properties of the flammable material because there is a wide range of volatility on flammable materials. Some are easily volatile, while others may be less volatile.

If your trash can is filled with material that is to heavy for our equipment i.e. concrete blocks, then we will not be able to take your can. We do have dumpsters that can be rented to help take care of huge, overweight items. They do not go in the residential trash company.

Holiday or Weather Delay
It is very rare for our garbage men to take days off. You will see them on the road in a variety of weather conditions. However, occasionally we have delayed service because we deem it to unsafe for our drivers to be collecting trash. 

We’ll also delay service by one day during the week of a major holidays i.e. Christmas. We highly recommend that you check with your city, as some cities delay for certain holidays while others continue to run during the holiday.

If you have any questions about your trash schedule, please visit the city links below. Or visit our interactive map to find your scheduled trash/recycling day.

Reasons why my trash was not picked up

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