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Recycling styrofoam
Styrofoam is a unique product used throughout the world for packaging and insulation purposes. It’s almost perfect when being used for shipping product because it is lightweight and has excellent capabilities to absorb movement. Additionally, the properties of Styrofoam can easily be molded into the necessary shape to protect products. It is not uncommon for individuals to use the term “Styrofoam” to mean the “white material” that is used as cups, shipping peanuts or other various packaging.

However, Styrofoam is actually the brand name used to describe extruded polystyrene foam. It’s a completely different product used for insulation purposes. It is typically blue and comes in “sheets”

The “white” material that most consumers are familiar with is actually expanded polystyrene foam, made from expanded polystyrene beads.

The “white” polystyrene foam is used everywhere! So why does such a great product get such a bad reputation?

“The reality of the petroleum-based white stuff is that during its manufacture, a number of detrimental chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are involved — including coal- or petroleum-derived benzene (a known carcinogen), styrene (an EPA-classified potential human carcinogen) and HCFC-22 (found to be “three to five times more destructive to the ozone layer than previously believed”). Source – 

Can Polystyrene Foam be Recycled? 

It different parts of the country, it can be recycled. However, most of the polystyrene ends up in the landfill as it is usually contaminated with food or drink products.

How Can We Get Rid of Polystyrene Foam?

You can try to sell it to companies around the United States. A good place to start is checking out the website of the They have a list of companies all over the United States who will by your polystyrene foam and other recyclables.

If selling isn’t your style then simply visit, and find the closet drop-off site for polystyrene foam.

You can also reuse polystyrene foam for various projects around the house.

Here are a few options:

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