ACE Recycling & Disposal: Proudly serving you for over 44 years.

ACE Recycling & Disposal offers waste management and recycling collection solutions throughout Utah. We are proud to make sure the garbage in your trash bin is properly collected and taken to the landfill.

Waste Management and Recycling in Utah County

With services throughout Utah and Wyoming you can be sure that our local service is our first priority when it comes to waste and recyclables. Our  residential collection workers are dependable and hardworking and make sure that all residential containers are emptied on time.

Our collection system for household trash is top notch and provide the best service for our residential customers.

If you would like to add additional waste disposal and recycling services or you are looking for assistance please contact us directly at 1-800-724-9995.

Our residential services will help you dispose of an old appliances, yard waste, or some demolition debris,

In case we miss your residential trash can please be sure to call in by 3 PM the day after your pick-up day.

Our Utah County offers services for all your waste removal needs including regular scheduled container services and  trash bins. Our specialized customer service reps can help you develop a waste removal program that precisely fits your needs.

With our service package we offer:
Waste audits
Cost analysis
Equipment customizations
Rental Dumpsters