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We made a visit to our number #1 fan Donovan last week. His Mom sent us the following thank you on Facebook:

“Before Donovan started school he’d go to my parent’s house and see the garbage man. Well when school started he wasn’t able to see the garbage man anymore. The garbage man would ask about little man because he enjoyed waving the truck arms to him. Last week we started a new schedule so now he was able to see him.

Last week I posted a video of the garbage man waving the truck arms to little man. It made his day and mine, when we got home I called the company to express how happy it made all of us. This week when the garbage man Jeremy got there he had a major surprise for little man. From ACE Recycling and himself they got little man his own garbage truck. He was so excited!!! I want to give a big huge shout out to both Jeremy the driver and ACE Recycling & Disposal for going way above and beyond, you have made a little man so happy beyond words. Thank you!!?


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