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Did you know that you can create a garden with a bale of straw? I would not believe it either had I not read the latest article from Gardening Mentor about a man who is already doing this.

The biggest benefit of straw bale gardening is that you don’t need soil to grow a garden.

You get an instant garden in a location of your choice. This makes it possible to grow in small spaces like balconies, patios, decks, or a small garden.

The straw bales are above the ground which makes them work like a raised bed. There’s less problem of weeds or pests affecting the garden.

Since there’s no soil involved, it does not have a problem like poor drainage, low nutrients, and clay soil.

The straw bale works with decomposition which raises the temperature in the bale. This means you can grow for a longer period of time than possible in soil.

Once the growing season ends, the straw bales may decompose and you’ll have rich organic material. This can be used in your compost or added to the garden beds for nutrients.

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