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Tire Technician

      • Job Tracking ID: 512957-650897
      • Job Location: Salt Lake City, UT
      • Job Level: Any
      • Level of Education: Any
    • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
    • Date Updated: September 26, 2018
    • Years of Experience: Not Applicable
    • Starting Date: September 27, 2018

Job Description:

ACE Disposal is looking for a Tire Technician. The Primary purpose of this job is to install and repair all truck tires.

Experience and Skills:

  • Must have clean driving record and have, or be willing to acquire, a CDL license. 6 months experience in diesel tire/wheel maintenance is a plus. High school diploma preferred.
  • Clear communication and legible handwriting are necessary for daily operations. Must be able to comprehend English well enough to understand orders from a supervisor, and read or write work orders.
  • Basic Math skills are required. Knowledge of weights and measures are mandatory. No computer skills are required, but any experience is helpful.
  • Knowledge of welding, repair, washing, or painting metal is very helpful for assisting other departments. Any experience with diesel engines, hydraulics or general building maintenance is very helpful.
  • The requirements listed here are necessary in performing the job responsibilities. Reasonable accommodations will be made for individuals with disabilities.
    • Must have full use of body and senses to use heavy materials, lift heavy tires, and repair heavy equipment. Good eyesight and depth perception are necessary for most jobs. Must be able to lift 100 lbs. Tire maintenance is very physical and requires heavy back, shoulder, and forearm strength. All of the day will be spent standing with frequent squatting, bending, reaching and twisting. Bending and flexing of the arms, wrists, and hands is very frequent throughout the day. Senses of sight, hearing, smell and speech are required. Ability to climb and balance are necessary.



Ace offers great benefits including:

  • Profit sharing.
  • 401(k) with match.
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance.
  • Paid vacation leave, paid sick leave, and paid holidays.
  • Gym memberships and access to a company site that provides thousands of discounts to hotels, shops, and retailers nationwide.
  • Epic company parties that all our employees look forward to every year.
  • Ace has shift differential pay as well.

Ace has also been recognized twice by the Salt Lake City Tribune as one of the top workplaces to work in Utah.