Bulk Waste Pick Up

Ace Disposal provides bulk service for several cities and businesses along the Wasatch Front and surrounding areas.

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Bulk Waste for Business

Our bulk service is designed to help residents or businesses with any large items that are unable to dispose of in the trash container because of size. We will send our rear load truck out to your property and dispose of it for you. All is needed by you is to put what items are needed to be taken, placed out on the curb of your home or by the enclosure of your business. The benefit of doing it this way is you do not need to wait around for us to show up. Just put it out and leave with the comfort that we will be by to pick it up.

Need a Dumpster for Your Business?

Need to rent a dumpster for a day, week, month or other short-term period?

Item Size and Guidelines


All loose items must be boxed or bagged If fridges have freon in them please call your power company. We will not take them. All fridges must have (No freon green sticker).

Boxes and Bags
Must be no larger than a standard dishwasher
2 Boxes = 1 item
2 (30-40 gallon bags) = 1 item

Must be no longer than 4 feet, weigh no more than
70 lbs, and bundles (if not bundled cleanup charges will apply)
2 bundles = 1 item

Other Items: Mattresses (all sizes) Dishwashers Microwaves Couches, Chairs Stoves, Ranges Computers Dressers, Desks Washers, Dryers Swamp Coolers Carpet Refrigerators (no freon) Lawn Mowers Bicycles Water Heaters Bathtubs, Toilets

Non-Acceptable Items:
Dirt, rock, concrete, asphalt
Hazardous Materials (paint, oils, etc.)
Steel Poles (over 5 ft long)

Please call with questions about items not listed.

Frequently Asked Questions