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The news of the sinkhole in Florida that swallowed a man alive has us a little on edge. So it certainly didn’t help to hear the story of a garbage truck in Oregon that was partially swallowed by another sinkhole. It happened in the parking lot of the local Sizzler in North Bend, Oregon.

The truck, which was partially swallowed by the sinkhole, had to be towed away. A storm line approximately 18 feet below the surface of the lot was crushed by the formation of the sinkhole, the report said. Crews have not yet located the end of the collapsed storm line.

Rather than walk around worried about being swallowed by sinkholes, we did a little digging into what they are and how they form.

It starts with the layer of rock such as limestone, carbonate rock or salt that is dissolved by ground water leaving pockets of air in it’s place. The ground starts to sink into these pockets of air as the weight above get’s heavier, eventually forming a sinkhole.

Some signs of sinkholes:

So remember to be cautious…especially when parking your garbage truck!

Source: Waste Recycling News