ACE Recycling & Disposal: Proudly serving you for over 44 years.

We offer recycling for occupants that live in Orem, Utah. Our recycling bins are 95 gallons and typically picked up in Orem, Utah every other week.

For a complete Salt Lake Valley Recycling Guide you can call the Recycling Hotline at 974-6902

If you have hazardous waste to discard click here for more data.

What Kind of Paper Can I Recycle?

PC Paper
Garbage Mail
Daily paper
Note Paper
Office Paper
Destroyed Paper Rolls
Wrapping Paper
Cardboard (level or cut)
Grain Boxes
Nourishment Boxes & Cartons
Blessing, Shoe & Tissue Boxes
Paper Bags
Soft cover & Telephone Books
Paper Egg Cartons
Clean Paper Plates/Cups