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LEED is a program used to push recycling for contractors in Salt Lake City, Utah on new builds or remodels. There are tax benefits involved for contractors and businesses in Salt Lake City, Utah to utilize this program. LEED uses a point and tiered system to signify the level of involvement with the program. The different levels are silver, gold and platinum.

Some of the requirements for the Salt Lake City program are as follows:

There are different options available for collecting the materials: 

  1. Having different containers for each material. This is the most cost effective way of doing it but if you don’t have the room on the Salt Lake City job site this won’t work. It is the responsibility of the workers on the job to sort the material correctly.
    • By having the service set up this way, you are able to receive recycling kick-backs from the different facilities. Such as your metal container will go to a metal recycling facility. Ace does not take a percentage of the refund, 100% of the refund goes to the customer. Ace just charges for the haul.
  2. If you don’t have room on your job site for multiple containers, this option will work best. This option is to just have one container on site. With this service the customer doesn’t have to worry about separating the materials on the job site. We will haul the material to a facility where they will charge to sort the materials for you. Everything is documented on paper and with pictures to show proof of services.

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