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No tires of any kind. They must be disposed of by a tire recycling facility.

Absolutely no chemicals or liquids allowed. Latex and oil based paint must be disposed of at the county hazardous waste site located at the Salt Lake County Landfill. Other household hazardous waste such as rechargeable batteries, anti-freeze, poisons, pesticides, unused fuels, fertilizers, household cleaners etc. can be disposed of free of charge.

Utah Power will accept fridges if they are still in working condition. Otherwise, they cannot be taken unless the freon has been removed by a licensed professional and tagged as such. All other major appliances can usually be recycled through a scrap metal dealer or a recycling facility.

All lead acid batteries such as those found in automotive, marine, motorcycles and off road equipment are prohibited. These must be recycled properly at battery suppliers. Household batteries are acceptable. These are the cell variety such as found in a flashlight.

Drums and Containers:
Only acceptable if the top or bottom is removed and there is no trace of any liquid, chemical or the residual contents of the container.

Any biohazardous, infectious, and medical waste is prohibited. They must be disposed of by certified registered medical waste disposal firms.

Any kind of oil whether it is new or used is prohibited. This includes fryer oil. All oil must be recycled through the proper sources.