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Hard Drive Destruction Salt Lake City

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Hard Drive Destruction Salt Lake City

With even the smallest companies' record-keeping needs, having multiple external hard drives to hold information has become common. Many companies in Salt Lake City and around the entire country change out their hard drives yearly. They do this so they can label and file away whole databases of information into their withheld records assets, according to the quarter or year that data represents. After five to seven years of on-site backup data storage, a business can have dozens of hard drives full of sensitive information — a collection of hard drives and data which they may not need to retain.

At Rocky Mountain Document Destruction, we utilize a hydraulic press that operates at over 3,000 psi to punch out the center of old hard drives. Punching out the center of a hard drive renders them completely useless and makes it impossible for data recovery to occur. The RMDD destruction process is 100% effective and is the safest and most effective way to destroy devices permanently. After our destruction process is complete, Not even with the most sophisticated equipment and techniques could anyone ever put the drive back into an operable condition or collect any information from it. At RMDD, we offer a final solution to your hard drive and data destruction needs in Salt Lake City.

Rocky Mountain Document Destruction is the best option when you need to destroy a hard drive that contains sensitive documents or data. No matter what information you would like to dispose of, we do it safely in a completely secure setting, which means we can offer you complete information and data disposal guarantee. Our two-step hard drive destruction process ensures absolute destruction of the hard drive by shearing then crushing the hard drive. This process guarantees that no data on the destroyed hard drives can ever be recovered.

The next time you need hard drive destruction, please give us a call, and we will safely and securely dispose of your old hard drives and sensitive data.

Hard Drive Disposal

The final step is to properly dispose of the waste material we create by destroying these hard drives. We recycle every bit of electronic waste possible through the best recycling facilities in the United States. We ensure that your hard drive will not just end up in a landfill somewhere, polluting the environment. Our recyclers know precisely how to separate the materials and recycle everything possible to be reused in future electronics or other products

Our Guarantee

What this all means for you is that you can be sure your documents stored on hard drives will be permanently deleted, destroyed, and disposed of once and for all. All of our services come with a certificate of destruction for your records. Let us prove ourselves; you will be glad you gave us the opportunity – we guarantee it.

Hard Drive Destruction Salt Lake City

We guarantee secure data protection by allowing the relevant officials in the organization to witness the destruction process.

Document destruction is necessary for every individual and organization since it ensures no data is in jeopardy. Additionally, it is vital to pick a certified and law compliant company to handle the document shredding process.