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Please do not bag your recyclables.

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What Other Are Saying

I just wanted to let you know that your driver of truck 450 in West Jordan does an awesome job! There was some trash that fell out of the cans in two different places on our street (not his fault, it was already there) and he did not even hesitate to get out and pick it up. It’s hard these days to find employees who care and take pride in their jobs and it looks like you have found one. Please let the driver of truck 450 know that he is greatly appreciated. Thank You.” Troy

On Monday, September 7th 2015 (Labor Day), because our Waste Management garbage pickup was delayed a day, we weren’t expecting a recycling pickup because of the holiday. Around the time that our friendly driver typically comes by our house, he noticed our recycling container was not in front of our home as it should be, so stopped the truck in front of the house, and waited in case we noticed him. Because of his effort, it dawned on us we had forgotten, which gave me time to run the container out to the road.

We want our driver to know we really appreciate how friendly and thoughtful he is. It is very difficult to find a company and employees who really know what customer service is all about.”

Thanks again!


John and Patricia A

A gentlemen by the name of Spencer called stating that truck driver in truck 487 Vance represented Ace Disposal very well today. Spencer said that he was parked in the way and had to get out of his truck but did not make a big deal out of it. He said driver was really nice even though Spencer was in the wrong.