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Concrete Washout Containers

8-14 Yard Washout Containers

At construction sites, one of the biggest challenges faced by contractors is the proper concrete waste disposal. The improper management of concrete waste disposal can have serious environmental and financial consequences. In addition to that, it also poses a risk to public health and safety.

To tackle this issue, many construction companies are now turning towards using concrete washout containers for efficient disposal of construction garbage. These containers are specially designed to contain and store all the leftover concrete, sand, and other construction garbage removal materials. At ACE Recycling & Disposal, we provide top-quality concrete washout containers to help our clients keep their construction sites clean and organized.

Why Use Concrete Washout Containers?

Concrete washout containers are an effective solution for managing garbage at construction sites. They offer a number of benefits that make them a preferred choice among contractors.

Environmental Benefits

Improper concrete waste disposal can have a detrimental impact on the environment. Concrete sediment can pollute water sources and harm aquatic life. By using washout containers, construction companies can minimize the amount of concrete waste that ends up in landfills and water bodies.

Compliance with Regulations

In many areas, there are strict regulations for construction garbage removal. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines and penalties. By using concrete washout containers, contractors can ensure that they are following all necessary guidelines and avoiding any potential legal issues.

Cost Savings

Concrete waste disposal at a landfill can be costly due to tipping fees and transportation costs. With concrete washout containers, contractors can save money by reducing the amount of waste they generate and avoiding extra fees.

Choosing the Right Concrete Washout Container

When selecting a concrete washout container, it is important to consider the size and capacity of the container. At ACE Recycling & Disposal, we offer 8-14 yard washout containers that can hold a significant amount of waste. These containers are also easy to transport and maneuver on construction sites.

Proper Use and Maintenance

To ensure the effectiveness of concrete washout containers, it is important to use and maintain them properly. Here are some tips for proper use and maintenance:

  • Place the container on a firm, level surface away from any structures or equipment.
  • Make sure the container is securely closed when not in use to prevent waste from spilling out.
  • Regularly clean and rinse out the container to prevent buildup of hardened concrete.
  • Dispose of the waste in an appropriate manner, following all necessary regulations.

EPA-Compliant Concrete Washout Containers

ACE Recycling & Disposal offer 3-12 cubic yard concrete washout containers that are environmentally friendly and reach all EPA requirements. Our containers are portable and can be moved from job to job as needed. It also comes with a ramp that extends to allow easy washout for concrete pump trucks. Our concrete washout containers are more affordable than building a washout container and it reduces landfill concrete waste. ACE Recycling & Disposal will also remove the container from the construction site and take it to our facility to wash and treat or recycle the waste.

Our Concrete Washout Containers can collect:

  • Concrete
  • Paint
  • Masonry
  • Stucco

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