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So what does it take to invest in a large scale solar panel project?

The largest concern that we hear when asked about our solar panel system is “What does it cost?” It is well known that solar panels offer a great opportunity to invest your money. However, the initial installation cost has many prospective solar panel customers scared. When considering solar panels we realized there was a lot of information that we needed to learn about solar panels before we could get an idea of our return on investment. Typically solar panels are an upfront investment and you garner savings on the backend by reducing your monthly electric bill. Most companies offer flexible financing that can help you pay it off in a manner you are most comfortable with.

While the upfront cost can be substantial, it is important to consider powerful tax incentives at play when planning for solar. We received upwards of 30% in tax incentives to help offset the cost.

What is the best climate for solar panels?

We are often asked if the four diverse seasons of Utah make it difficult to receive a return on investment with solar panels. Surprisingly, “Utah is consider one of the top seven states with the best potential for solar panels!”*

How do solar panel and building permits work?

In Utah, we had to obtain all the proper permits through the West Valley city building department. The permits required included. Typically, the responsibility of requesting all necessary permits and the scheduling of city inspections is done by the installer and included in the overall price. As with any new construction gaining the proper permits is an important step and if it isn’t done correctly you can receive a hefty fine. A list of possible permits you may need include the following: “the permit application, an owner-builder verification form, planning specifications that document size, site plan, roof plan, construction plan, elevation plan, equipment plan, electrical plan, and location plan for all materials and devices.” *

What can I expect in Maintenance Fees for Solar Panels?

Most solar panel projects have little to no maintenance fees as there are no gears or levers that need to be replaced. The only maintenance fee that comes into play are keeping the panels free from dust and debris. This can be done with an old fashioned water hose. Just make sure to NOT wash hot panels with cold water which can cause your panels to crack.

To Summarize

ACE Disposal has a total of 7 covered parking structures with solar panels. Initially we were told that the panels would yield 280 kilowatts of power per hour, or about $1500 a month in electricity. This would help to offset the facility’s current power bill of about $10,000 a month by about 40 percent. We knew this was best case scenarios and our actual numbers have been a little below that estimate.


We are very happy with the performance of our solar panels and would recommend it to any business looking towards a greener future.

We would be happy to answer any questions about our solar panel project.