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Waste Disposal

South Salt Lake Curbside Waste Clean Up

The City of South Salt Lake has implemented a curbside bulky waste cleanup program to begin November 2-12 Curbside pickup will be provided for any items that are boxed, bundled or bagged.Join our South Salt Lake Bagged, Boxed and Bundled! Properly prepared items must be placed on the curb by 6:30 a.m., free of obstruction,…

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Garbage pickup

“On Monday, September 7th 2015 (Labor Day), because our Waste Management garbage pickup was delayed a day, we weren’t expecting a recycling pickup because of the holiday. Around the time that our friendly driver typically comes by our house, he noticed our recycling container was not in front of our home as it should be,…

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Waste Management for Utah County

Ace Recycling and Disposal offers waste management and recycling collection solutions throughout Utah. We are proud to make sure the garbage in your trash bin is properly collected and taken to the landfill. Waste Management and Recycling in Utah County With services throughout Utah and Wyoming you can be sure that our local service is our first priority when…

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Senators Getting Serious about Nuclear Waste

All has been quiet on the nuclear waste home front after talks broke down surrounding the disposal of nuclear waste in Nevada’s Yucca Mountains. However, it seems that some Senators are taking another look at re-approaching the issue. Wyden is the new chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. The radioactive waste working…

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