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What To Do If You Miss Trash Day

Every week we have a number of customers that call us panicked because they missed trash day! The story is usually similar…they were rushing around in the morning, trying to get kids to school. They suddenly heard the rumble of the garbage truck passing the house. They call us panicked knowing that it will be…

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West Valley Spring Fest

Ace Recycling and Disposal will be at the 4th annual SpringFest at Centennial Park from 5:30pm – 8:00pm. Come look for us at a booth to play games, win a tiny prize and learn a little bit more about recycling! The 4th annual spring fest is sponsored by the West Valley City Clean and Beautiful…

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What Can I Do With Styrofoam?

Styrofoam is a unique product used throughout the world for packaging and insulation purposes. It’s almost perfect when being used for shipping product because it is lightweight and has excellent capabilities to absorb movement. Additionally, the properties of Styrofoam can easily be molded into the necessary shape to protect products. It is not uncommon for…

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Creative Arts for Life Class in South Salt Lake

Wednesday Mar. 13, 10:30 AM Location: Columbus Senior Art RoomAddress:  2531 S 400 E Join us for art classes for Seniors and Adults. We will be doing Gelli Printing with Bad Dog Arts. Click here for more information.

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Network with tech industry leaders, technologists, and other brilliant minds. Learn about The Future of Smart Home Automation & IoT from 30-year industry veteran and previous Amazon Alexa Smart Home Chief, Charlie Kindel. Network with local technology user groups like DevOps Without Borders, SLC SQL User Group, Utah E-Commerce Group, and more! Attendees will receive raffle…

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Small Plastics

All the plastic that was ever produced in the world is still on earth in one way or another. Plastic that enters the ocean never disappears. All it does is slowly break into smaller and smaller pieces called microplastic and nanoplastic that can’t be seen with the naked eye.— Via Recyclables (@ViaRecyclables) February 21,…

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Our New West Jordan Yard, South Hub

Ace Disposal is opening a new garage for trucks in West Jordan. Trucks based on the southern end of Salt Lake Valley no longer have to travel to West Valley for parking at night. Instead they will park at the West Jordan yard. Take a look at some of the pictures below of our new…

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