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Can Wet Cardboard be Recycled?

Can Wet Cardboard Be Recycled?

Recycling is an essential aspect of modern waste practices, aiming to reduce the volume of waste that reaches our landfills and conserve natural resources. Cardboard recycling, in particular, has become a daily routine for households and businesses; however, confusion often arises when we encounter a common issue: wet cardboard. At ACE Recycling & Disposal in […]

Know Your Plastics

Chances are, you’ve bought a plastic container at some point in your life—and since it had those three little arrows on the bottom, you figured you could recycle it. But those symbols mean a lot more than you think. They tell you what kind of plastic a product is made from, and even how recyclable […]

ACE Disposal Golf Charity Event

ACE Recycling & Disposal Golf Tournament “Tee Off for Shelter” Aug 01, 2016 10:30 am – 7:00 pm ACE Recycling & Disposal presents the 9th Annual Charity Golf Tournament “Tee Off for Shelter” – a benefit golf tournament for The Road Home Monday, August 1, 2016 Jeremy Golf & Country Club 8770 North Jeremy Rd. […]

Harmon’s / RCU – Recycle Round-Up Collection Event

Time again for our annual recycling drop off event. Electronics, shredding, mattresses, car seats and more! When: Saturday, April 23 at 11 AM – 1 PM Where: Harmon’s 10507 S Redwood Rd, South Jordan, Utah 84095  

Everything You Need to Know About Recycling Plastic

Did you know that only about “25% of the plastic produced in the U.S. is recycled? If we recycled the other 75% we could save 1 billion gallons of oil and 44 million cubic yards of landfill space annually.”* What is Plastic? Plastic is a material that used in almost every aspect of our lifestyle […]

The Ocean Garbage Patch Clean Up

Garbage from around the world has been dumped into our oceans for years. Trash is typically picked by streams and rivers and ends up in the ocean where it gets trapped in ocean currents. The currents eventually lead the the trash to large swirling masses of garbage known as the Great Garbage Patches. Each patch is like a huge […]