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Plastic Recycling

Too Much Plastic?

810,000 tonnes of single-use #plastic are being put on the market every year#recycle #reliant #compliant #wastecollections — Max Recycle (@Max_Recycle_) December 2, 2018

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Know Your Plastics

Chances are, you’ve bought a plastic container at some point in your life—and since it had those three little arrows on the bottom, you figured you could recycle it. But those symbols mean a lot more than you think. They tell you what kind of plastic a product is made from, and even how recyclable…

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The Problem With Recycling Plastic Bags

Make sure you recycle your plastic bags at the grocery store. They clog the sorting machines when put in a Curb It! #recycling bin. — MetroWasteAuthority (@MetroWaste) July 26, 2017

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Marine Plastic Problem

Urgent Rethink Required to Address Marine Plastic Problem — CIWM (@CIWM) September 30, 2016

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Plastic Bag Recycling Ideas

Reuse, Repurpose: Practical Plastic Bag Recycling Ideas #Green — Ways2GoGreen Blog (@Ways2GoGreen) June 8, 2016

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