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How Cool is this Garbage Truck?

Learning about the transfer station #Acedisposal A photo posted by ACE Disposal (@acedisposal) on Sep 22, 2016 at 2:30pm PDT

MRF Garbage Transfer Station

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15-40 Yard Roll-Off Dumpsters for Provo, Utah

Roll-Offs for Provo, Utah are used when a large quantity or heavy solid waste needs to be removed. They are excellent for hauling large, bulk items. They are great for construction sites in Provo, Utah. Due to regulations, hazardous and medical waste cannot usually be hauled by a roll-off container. For information on what items […]

Garbage Truck Driver

Job Description Driver is responsible for waste and recycling collection services in order to ensure that the materials are transported and disposed of in an appropriate manner. Responsibilities and Duties Drivers are responsible for operating waste and recycle trucks in a safe manner. Driver must conduct all activities according to the delivery and collection schedule […]

Garbage Container Maintenance Worker Needed

Job Description Garbage container maintenance worker needed. Main duty is spraying out and cleaning garbage cans. Ace offers health, dental, vision, 401k, profit sharing, vacation and sick pay. Responsibilities and Duties Cleaning garbage containers. Welding and fabricating metal for repair purposes will also be done after experience on the job. Required Skills Must have a […]

The Ocean Garbage Patch Clean Up

Garbage from around the world has been dumped into our oceans for years. Trash is typically picked by streams and rivers and ends up in the ocean where it gets trapped in ocean currents. The currents eventually lead the the trash to large swirling masses of garbage known as the Great Garbage Patches. Each patch is like a huge […]

ACE Disposal SLC LEED’s Specialist

Salt Lake City, Utah has recently passed many new city ordinances that focus on several green initiatives in 2016. These initiative particularly impact the construction and demolition industries as new regulations are in place regarding the disposal of demolition waste. The new ordinances passed state that if you are planning any type of demolition project […]