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E-waste: How Big of a Problem is Electronic Waste?

According to a new report, the world’s e-waste — discarded smart phones, iPads, and televisions — will grow by 33 percent to 72 million tons in just three years. Dan Ackerman, editor at CNet, joins “CBS This Morning: Saturday” with more on how to combat this troubling trend.

Electronic Recycling

Electronic Recycling (or E-Recycle) is quickly becoming a growing industry. As consumers upgrade more frequently to the latest electronic device, figuring out what do to with old devices can be challenging. Many of these electronics are thrown into the landfills. Unfortunately, electronics contain pollutants such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, phosphorous and lithium. These toxic substances can get […]

Apple is 75% Renewable

A huge congratulations to Apple facilities around the United States. They set a goal of making their facilities run completely off of renewable energy sources and it looks like they have met their goal! A combination of geothermal, wind, and solar—like their 100-acre solar farm next to their Maiden, North Carolina data center, pictured below—provide […]