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Cardboard Recycling

Easter Egg Hunt – Centerville Utah

The Easter Egg Hunt will be held on April 15th at Founders Park at 9:30am SHARP! Join us for our annual Easter Egg Hunt! Hundreds of prize-filled eggs and candy are waiting to be found. Dress warmly and bring an Easter basket to collect your eggs. As the children “gather” eggs, the Youth Council would…

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Centerville, Utah present Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Monday, February 29 2016 All Day Disney’s Beauty and the Beast February 29 – March 26 A beautiful heroine finds herself as the involuntary house guest of a terrible beast in an enchanted castle. Based on the Walt Disney animated feature, Belle is asked to look beyond outward appearance to…

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Can Wet Cardboard be Recycled?

We recommend that you do not recycle wet cardboard. It clogs up the automated sorting machines that most recycling facilities use. It is best to throw wet cardboard into the trash so that the entire recycling bin does not get wet.

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LEED Specialist On -Site

Ace Recycling and Disposal has a LEED Recycling Management Specialist that takes care of all of our LEED accounts. We run the monthly reports from thefacilities and manage the recycling refunds to make sure they get sent your way. With LEED programs, everything is special ordered and we have the setup to get the job…

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