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Ace Recycling and Disposal

Ace Disposal supports Parents

Ace Disposal has teamed up with parents empowered to support the important cause of underage drinking. Ace has put billboards on the sides of the trucks to help remind parents about talking to their children about the effects of underage drinking. The power of parents is what is going to help this problem get under…

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Metal Shredding and Sorting: the Process

This film was taken during a tour of a metal shredding, sorting and recycling plant. I apologize for the jerky footage but I was walking while filming. I tried to show the process cranes dropping crushed cars and other scrap metal onto the main conveyor, from which it dropped into the shredder. From that point,…

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Ace Disposal and Recycling

Are you interested in recycling but you don’t know where to start? No problem! Your account representative can help you set up the appropriate service level and also adjust your trash service as needed. We also have a recycle specialist who can answer all your recycling questions and educate your company and help kick off…

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Ace Recycling and Disposal Customer Feature Benefit

Ace has recently added a new feature to our customer service benefits. If your account has an email address for your site contact and billing contact, we can now send you notifications for service issues that occur on our service day. We currently call the site contact by phone to inform them of any issues.…

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Using Bales of Straw to Grow a Garden

Did you know that you can create a garden with a bale of straw? I would not believe it either had I not read the latest article from Gardening Mentor about a man who is already doing this. The biggest benefit of straw bale gardening is that you don’t need soil to grow a garden. You get…

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The Problem With Plastic Waste

It’s no secret that figuring out what to do with plastic after it has been used is complicated. Unlike other recyclable material, plastic typically has a petroleum base which means it is non-renewable. However, plastic can be reused by breaking it down and to it’s base level to be rebuilt into a new product. An…

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Ace Recycling and Disposal Receives Utah Work/Life Awards

Ace Recycling and Disposal received the The Utah Work/Life Awards™ honoring Utah’s Best Places to Work™. This award recognizes companies that are creating exceptional workplaces and businesses by effectively addressing employee work/life needs and striving to create and sustain a culture of equity, growth and opportunity. Ace Recycling and Disposal proudly offers customer service that…

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Alpine City Days

Garbage pickup

Don’t forget to mark Alpine City Days on your calendar! August 03, 2015 – August 08, 2015 Days of the Week: Recurring daily (City Park) Legacy Park 20 North Main Street, Alpine, UT 84004 This annual city festival includes a community dinner in the park, a firefighters breakfast, a 5K, a dance, a little buckaroo…

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