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Not many people realize what goes into preparing a dumpster before it is sent out to a business to be used. Below are a few examples of the steps we take to ensure that our customers get a good quality dumpster for their business. When a customer calls in because their dumpster is damaged, vandalized or odorous we bring that container into our facility and send our customers a nice refurbished dumpster. A lot of work goes into refurbishing a dumpster. The dumpster is thoroughly cleaned out in our state of the art wash bay. Damages are repaired and old, damaged decals are removed. We use a heated pressure steam cleaning system to help remove grease and odors. After a thorough cleaning, the container maintenance department does an inspection and will complete any final repairs necessary to meet company standards. The dumpster is then painted and ready for delivery. Our container department takes pride in the quality of the equipment they send out.