Cardboard Recycling

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Cardboard recycling is a great program for businesses who generate cardboard waste on a regular basis. If you are not sure your business would benefit from a cardboard recycling program, give us a call and an account representative will come out and evaluate your trash and recycling needs. This service is available using compactors, front-load, and roll-off containers and the material will be taken to a certified recycling processor.

In most cases recycling cardboard is a fairly easy process. However, there are a few reasons that a cardboard container cannot be recycled. Cardboard from pizza boxes and other food containers can be contaminated with grease, decreasing the quality of the paper fibers. Aseptic cartons, such soy milk cartons, cannot be recycled because the container is composed of multiple materials, not just cardboard.

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Benefits of Cardboard Recycling

Decrease Pollution

Recycling cardboard also reduces the demand for new paper which saves trees and decreases pollution generated in new paper production.

Money Savings

Cardboard recycling can produce huge savings to our commercial garbage collection customers. Most of our customers don’t realize that cardboard can take up a lot of space in dumpsters. Their garbage cans fill up faster and our customers pay more for disposal fees on a product that can be recycled.

Reduce Waste

Recycling cardboard also reduces bulky waste and space in our landfills as well.

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