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Recycling is an essential aspect of modern waste practices, aiming to reduce the volume of waste that reaches our landfills and conserve natural resources. Cardboard recycling, in particular, has become a daily routine for households and businesses; however, confusion often arises when we encounter a common issue: wet cardboard. At ACE Recycling & Disposal in West Valley City, Utah, we understand the intricacies of recycling and are here to clarify whether wet cardboard can be part of your recycling efforts.

Can Wet Cardboard Be Recycled?

The Challenge with Wet Cardboard

When cardboard gets wet, the fibers holding it together weaken, possibly causing contamination with other materials. This weakening can complicate recycling as it affects the material’s integrity. Recycling cardboard typically includes shredding, pulping, and then pressing it to make new paper or cardboard products. If wet cardboard is too damaged, it might not survive this rigorous process, resulting in lower-quality recycled material.

The Solution for Wet Cardboard Recycling

If the wet cardboard is only slightly damp and has retained its shape and strength, it can often still be recycled. In this case, we encourage you to allow the cardboard to dry out completely before adding it to your recycling bin. However, if the cardboard is heavily soaked, falling apart, or contaminated with oil, food waste, or other substances, it becomes a contaminant.



We understand the importance of proper disposal of reusable resources at ACE Disposal & Recycling, and we strive to facilitate effective recycling while keeping the process convenient and straightforward for our residents.

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