ACE Recycling & Disposal: Proudly serving you for over 44 years.

If you live in the Salt Lake Valley and are looking for a one time pickup, then call us for your Bulk Item Pickup.

All loose items must be boxed or bagged. If fridges have freon in them please call your power company. We will not take them. All fridges must have (No freon green sticker).

BOXES/BAGS must be no larger than a standard dishwasher
2 Boxes = 1 item
2 (30-40 gallon bags) = 1 item

BRANCHES must be no longer than 4 feet, weigh no more than
70 lbs, and bundles (if not bundled cleanup charges will apply)
2 bundles = 1 item

Mattresses (all sizes) Dishwashers Microwaves
Couches, Chairs Stoves, Ranges Computers
Dressers, Desks Washers, Dryers Swamp Coolers
Carpet Refrigerators (no freon) Lawn Mowers
Bicycles Water Heaters Bathtubs, Toilets

Dirt, rock, concrete, asphalt
Hazardous Materials (paint, oils, etc.)
Steel Poles (over 5 ft long)

Please call with questions about items not listed.