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Recycling Steel and Tin Cans

Did you know that you can absolutely recycle steel and tin cans. With all the uncertainty in the US markets, many are wondering what can or cannot be recycled. Steel and tin cans can be recycled and reused. The cans must be empty and free of all food before being placed in the recycling can.

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Plastic vs. Aluminum

Plastic vs Aluminium aka Trend vs Solution? #Aluminum — Impakter (@impakterdotcom) October 23, 2019

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Recycle Your Aluminum Cans

Aluminum is one of the best recycling materials on the market because it can be recycled over and over and over again. Be sure to make sure that your aluminum is clean or empty before recycling so it doesn’t contaminate recycling loads!

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Trash Collection for Alpine City, Utah

Residential trash collection for Alpine City, Utah is handled by Ace Recycling and Disposal.  You can reach us at 801.363.9995 Monday through Friday is the collection day for all refuse based on your particular address, except during specified holiday weeks. This includes regular garbage and recyclables. Collection begins at 7 a.m. All items must be placed at…

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2019 Fourth of July Celebrations in Utah

Celebrations are in full swing for the Fourth of July all around the State of Utah. Please remember it is dangerous to dispose of explosives in your garbage can or down sewers, and it is illegal to abandon them or pour them in gutters, storm drains, or waterways . To dispose of your explosives, contact your…

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