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Best Shipping Pallet Ideas

Best Shipping Pallet DIY Ideas on the Web #diy #shippingpallets #upcycle — UpcyclePost (@upcyclepost) June 15, 2015

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8-14 cubic yard Concrete Washout Containers

Ace Recycling and Disposal offer 8-14 cubic yard concrete washout containers that are environmentally friendly and reach all EPA requirements. Our containers are portable and can be moved from job to job as needed. It also comes with a ramp that extends to allow easy washout for concrete pump trucks. Our concrete washout containers are more…

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Centerville City Centennial Celebration

Parade Time: 9:00 AM Saturday, July 4, 2015 Parade Route: The parade runs South on Main Street from Chase Lane to Pages Lane. Spectators: You may begin saving your spot along the parade route at 4PM on July 3, 2015. Before that time a city ordinance prohibits chairs, ropes, blankets, or other personal items being…

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Green Cars

Keeping Electric Cars Green #Green — Ways2GoGreen Blog (@Ways2GoGreen) June 16, 2015

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Electronic Recycling

Electronic Recycling (or E-Recycle) is quickly becoming a growing industry. As consumers upgrade more frequently to the latest electronic device, figuring out what do to with old devices can be challenging. Many of these electronics are thrown into the landfills. Unfortunately, electronics contain pollutants such as lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, phosphorous and lithium. These toxic substances can get…

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Food Wastage Costs

Food wastage costs the world $750 billion a year. Say NO to food waste. @takepart #FoodTank — Food Tank (@Food_Tank) June 15, 2015

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