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Upcycle Your Old Bathtub? #choosetoreuse

Bathtime! Next time you replace your bath you could try an #upcycling project or give your old bath away on Freegle, so someone else can have a go! #LoveFreegle #reuse #ChooseToReuse #Upcycle Pics via @PrezEdBrighton — thisis freegle (@thisisfreegle) July 29, 2018

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How to Upcycle Cardboard Boxes

Have you or someone you know ever had to move? I think we have all been in the position of not finding an abundant supply of boxes when you need them. If you have a little extra space in your garage or basement, you can break down boxes and store them for such necessities. Pets…

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A Brief History of the Milk Carton, and Ways They Can Be Reused

Milk can be held in either plastic or paper cartons. These materials are solid and durable and have the ability to be used repeatedly. Instead of throwing these precious resources in the trash or recycling bin, consider some of the ways they can be re-used. Taking a minute to peruse Pinterest and you will see…

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West Jordan Memorial Day Event

Description: West Jordan will hold its traditional Memorial Day Tribute at the Military Services Monument. Events include a fallen soldiers’ memorial with flower placement by state and local leaders, riffle salute, and a ceremony emceed by KSL’s Doug Wright. Read More

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Rent a Dumpster – West Valley City

Do you live in West Valley City, Utah? Are you in need of Temporary Cans? Ace Recycling and Disposal not only provides regular monthly garbage pick up services for West Valley City, Utah, but also temporary garbage services. These services are available for residents and businesses who are remodeling or cleaning out the garage.  …

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