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Have Rules for Recycling Plastics in Tooele County Changed?

Yes, rules for recycling plastics everywhere have changed- or rather, everyone has started cracking down on some of the rules we previously didn’t worry about. Right now, the only plastics really getting recycled are bottles and jugs. However, our biggest focus is on making sure that plastics in the recycling are clean (no food waste)…

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How Can Plastic Bags be Reused?

  How Can Plastic Bags be Reused? Do you remember putting plastic bags over your shoes when going outside in the winter time to protect your shoes from the snow and salt used to melt the ice? Well there is the perfect reason to set aside a few extra bags for that purpose. Other uses…

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What Makes Pizza Boxes So Difficult To Recycle?

Recycling pizza boxes are only an option if there is literally no organic material traces in the box which is very rare. There are some environmentally conscious pizzerias’ that will place wax paper or foil in the box so that grease and cheese do not contaminate the box. Organic material (meats, cheese, grease, etc.) start…

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Upcycle Your Old Bathtub? #choosetoreuse

Bathtime! Next time you replace your bath you could try an #upcycling project or give your old bath away on Freegle, so someone else can have a go! #LoveFreegle #reuse #ChooseToReuse #Upcycle Pics via @PrezEdBrighton — thisis freegle (@thisisfreegle) July 29, 2018

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How to Upcycle Cardboard Boxes

Have you or someone you know ever had to move? I think we have all been in the position of not finding an abundant supply of boxes when you need them. If you have a little extra space in your garage or basement, you can break down boxes and store them for such necessities. Pets…

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