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ACE Disposal has teamed up with parents empowered to support the important cause of underage drinking. Ace has put billboards on the sides of the trucks to help remind parents about talking to their children about the effects of underage drinking. The power of parents is what is going to help this problem get under control.

Parents Empowered focuses on eliminating underage drinking in Utah. Kids are drinking as young as eight years old. There are the common reasons why underage drinking is bad such as: drinking and driving, and not being mature enough to realize what they are doing or who’s life they are affecting. New scientific evidence has shown that the human brain is still maturing until age 21. If kids are drinking at such a young age, they are risking the chance of seriously damaging their short or long term growth of the brain. Drinking alcohol as a teen effects the brain differently than an adult brain because the teens brain is still developing. Drinking alcohol as a teen has the ability to stay in the body for up to two weeks after they have drunk. With that result, underage drinking has the ability to effect children’s social skills, motor skills, good judgement; increases risk of mental illness, and highly increases the risk of becoming an alcoholic.

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