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Salt Lake City, Utah has recently passed many new city ordinances that focus on several green initiatives in 2016. These initiative particularly impact the construction and demolition industries as new regulations are in place regarding the disposal of demolition waste.

The new ordinances passed state that if you are planning any type of demolition project over 5000 sq. ft. within the boundaries of Salt Lake City, you MUST recycle at least 55% of the demolished material.

According to Salt Lake City ordinances, “The changes affect “new construction of multi-family developments with three or more units, new single-family subdivisions with 20 or more dwellings, all new mixed-use and non-residential development in excess of 5,000 square feet, the demolition of a principal structure, and any expansion, alteration or modification that increases the existing development’s floor area by at least 1,000 square feet.” (21A.36.250 F)” (Source:

How Will This Work?

Before you begin a demolition project within the City of Salt Lake, you will be required to submit a detailed waste management plan. This will be an outline of all the procedures you will follow to make sure 55% of the demolition waste is recycled.

Included in this plan will be the many different types of materials to be recycled and how each of these materials will be recycled. Materials you will need to account for in your waste management recycling plan include:
Wood, Pallets,
Untreated lumber
Lighting Fixtures and
Carpet Padding
Ceiling Tile
Green Waste
Brick, Masonry, Tile
Rock, Dirt, Soil

Along with these materials you must report the total amount and types of each product and whether it was recycled or composted. You will also need to note the amount and types of waste that was taken to the landfill. Lastly, you will need to include the name of facilities where recycled materials will be taken.
The details needed for reporting under the new regulation for demolition waste may feel extremely overwhelming. However, ACE Recycling & Disposal can help with your demolition project. We have a full-time on-site LEED’s specialist with years of demolition experience that can save you a great deal of time and money.

When you sign up for our LEED’s Waste Management Program, we will manage the entire project. All recycling cans will be ordered for you and setup on the job site so you can focus on demolition. Each waste management plan will be customized to your specific demolition site.

Additionally, our Salt Lake City LEED’s Specialist can be available onsite to make sure that all demolition recycling is disposed of properly. He will also help in making sure your construction site complies with all the new Salt Lake City ordinances.

Most importantly, our LEED’s Specialist will fill out all paperwork the city requires to make sure your project gets it 55% mark to achieve SLC’s requirements. He will also manage the recycling refunds to make sure they get sent your way.

When the project is completed the LEED’s Specialist will then complete the audit form required by Salt Lake City so that you can get the proper building permits.
Call our construction department for more information on getting started or fill out the form below and someone will contact you.