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CANtastic Garbage Can Cleaning

Does your garbage can smell horrible? Are you embarrassed because your can is just too dirty?

Ace Recycling and Disposal has partnered with a company to provide garbage can cleaning services for residential and commercial containers. Not only do we offer this great service to our customers but we will also pay part of the cost for you.

The CANtastic garbage can cleaning trucks are built in our facilities and serviced by us for peak performance. These renovated garbage trucks have the capability of washing your garbage cans in 3 minutes to get them looking brand new.

The best part is that you don’t have to haul out the hose, chemicals, brushes or hazmat gear in order to have a clean garbage can. These specialized trucks have two water tanks in the truck. One as a reservoir for clean water and one for the used water so you are not left with a mess to clean up. The service can be done on a one time basis or can be a regular monthly service for your trash and/or recycle containers.

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