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South Salt Lake Garbage Collection

Ace Disposal provides garbage collection and recycling services for South Salt Lake, Utah.


Residential Garbage & Recycling

Please have your garbage or recycling can out the night before or no later than 6:30 am on your service day. If you think your containers have been missed check your neighbors to make sure their containers have been dumped. We only do one side of the street at a time, so if your side of the street has been dumped and your can is still full, call us and we will get it picked up as soon as possible.

Your 95 gallon roll-out container that should be placed in the street with the wheels against the curb or within 2 feet of the blacktop. The handle should be pointed towards the house with the opening of the container faced towards the street, before 6:30 am on the scheduled collection day. Containers should be placed away from overhead obstacles such as tree branches and wires. Containers should also be placed 4 feet apart from other containers and 8 feet from mailboxes, poles, fences, trees, or parked vehicles for easy access.


Trash and Recycling Map

The calendar is subject to change on holidays depending on landfill closures. If the landfill is closed, all services for the remainder of that week will be delayed by one day. For information on acceptable recycling standards for South Salt Lake, please visit their recycling information office website.

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Recycling Calender

Pick up for South Salt Lake is once a week

Acceptable Recycling Items

We have put together a comprehensive list of items that are acceptable to recycle. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Landfill Numbers

Bountiful - (801) 298-0555
Davis Burn Plant - (801) 771-5661
Orem/Lindon Transfer - (801) 225-8538
Provo/Springville - (801) 489-3027
Salt Lake County - (801) 974-6920
Salt Lake Transfer - (801) 975-0691
Summit County - (435) 336-5552
Tooele County - (435) 833-9520
Trans Jordan - (801) 569-8994
Weber County - (801) 339-8358

City Numbers

Alpine - (801) 756-6347
Bountiful - (801) 298-6100
Centerville - (801) 295-3477
Eagle Mountain - (801) 789-6627
Grantsville - (435) 884-3411
Midvale - (801) 567-7226
Murray - (801) 270-2440
North Salt Lake - (801) 936-3877
South Jordan - (801) 253-0616
South Salt Lake - (801) 483-6014
Tooele - (435) 843-2150
West Bountiful City - 801-292-4486
West Jordan - (801) 569-5700

What can I do if my can is broken?

Sometimes in extremely cold weather plastic cans can harden over night and crack when the truck grabs them. If your can is ever broken just notify your city, and a new can will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

What can I do if my can is not completely emptied on my pickup day?

There are several things that can contribute to a can only being half emptied. Sometimes trash, including frozen trash in the winter, can get stuck in the bottom of the can. You can avoid this problem by putting your trash in bags. Boxes can also get stuck inside containers. Breaking down boxes and cutting them up can eliminate that problem. In the summertime the hot weather can also cause grass clippings to stick in the can. Whenever your trash/recycle is half emptied, all we ask is for the resident to double check to make sure the items are loosened up inside the can and then give Ace a call and we will send a truck back around as soon as possible.

What if my can was missed?

If you put out your recycling or garbage container following the can placement procedures, and it is missed, please call ACE Disposal at 801-363-9995. A customer response member will ask you your pickup day and record your address for the earliest possible pickup.

How can I get a new or extra can?

Please call your city to sign up for new service, recycling service, or an extra can. Your new can will be delivered as soon as possible.