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Automated Truck (6)

Automated trucks dump 65 or 95 gallon containers. They are primarily used for residential, mobile home communities, and apartments where a large truck is unable to enter. They are also used for smaller businesses that require low level of service. A 95 gallon automated container contains slightly less than .5 cubic yard.

Please note that the equipment is designed in a manner that shaking or banging the can while dumping is not possible.

Garbage and Recycling Collection Residential Tips

  • Place your container on the curb by 6:30am
  • Use the 3 ft rule: place your cans at least 3 feet from other cans, mailboxes, trees, fences, cars, and any other object.
  • Avoid placing your cans under trees or basketball standards.
  • Please don’t put hot ashes in your can! (this can cause a fire)
  • Please don’t overload your can. Items should not stick out above the top more than a couple of inches.
  • No¬†hazardous waste
  • Recycle everything you can

Hazardous Waste Garbage Collection

Due to regulations and limitations of the Front End Loader Trucks and the Rear End Loader Trucks, hazardous waste, medical waste and heavy materials such as concrete and dirt cannot be serviced (click here to learn how to dispose of hazardous waste).

Our Garbage Driver’s Go the Extra Mile

“I just wanted to let you know that your driver of truck 450 in West Jordan does an awesome job! There was some trash that fell out of the cans in two different places on our street (not his fault, it was already there) and he did not even hesitate to get out and pick it up. It’s hard these days to find employees who care and take pride in their jobs and it looks like you have found one. Please let the driver of truck 450 know that he is greatly appreciated. Thank You.” Troy

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