Custom Dumpsters

Rearload Truck (3a)Rear End Loaders (REL) trucks are used to service accounts that have limited size entry into the container. REL service only includes 2 and 3 cubic yard containers. Due to regulations and limitations of the REL system, hazardous waste, medical waste and heavy materials such as concrete and dirt cannot be serviced.

Rear load trucks are used for allies, bulk pick up, communities with hand throw, and many other services. With REL, the driver has to get out of the truck to hook up the container to the back of the truck to dump. We2yd REL Slant (3) service many cities with a neighborhood bulk pick up program where all items are placed on the curb of their home and our drivers go along and throw all items in the truck by hand. They are very helpful in alley ways for restaurants and businesses. REL trucks are smaller than FEL trucks so they are easier to get into smaller openings.

Locking Lids

Locking lids are available for rear load containers, although our drivers do need to be provided with key copies in order to service.

Lid Savers

Lid savers are not used on these containers. These cans are much smaller than front load containers and are shaped differently, so the lid savers would do no good on these containers.