Going Green


The new Ace Headquarters Geothermal 3Geothermal 1was built in 2009. It was the first private business in the Salt Lake Valley to put a Geothermal heating and cooling system into the ground below the building. With this system we will have less of a need to run an air conditioner in the summer or heater in the winter. We also have this throughout the sidewalks to alleviate the need for plowing which is always a nice feature in Utah. The building also has many windows to let in natural light so we don’t use as much artificial lighting. All theGeothermal 2 windows are ‘E’ rated, which means they trap the heat and cool in depending on the seasons.


At ACE we don’t just talk about improving Utah’s environment, we act.  We have decided to add Solar to our list of new ventures in Energy and Sustainability over the last 3 years.  We have a 280kwh Solar project with AuricSolar, to offset 25% percent of our power use.  We live in an exciting time of technology and choice, it’s time to act!

Solar panel 2Solar panel 3Solar panel 1Solar panel 4



TSign & Building (12)he landscaping surrounding the Ace Headquarters was designed to conserve water. The desert plants used in the landscape are native to Utah and require little or no water.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

CNG 012Not only are we incorporating green technology into our building, we are also taking them onto the road. Ace has a fleet of garbage collection vehicles that is being converted to compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks. These trucks are less harmful to the environment which is another step closer to decreasing our carbon footprint. CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is one of the most abundant fuel sources in the western United States. When used as a substitute for diesel fuel, we not only reduce our reliance on foreign oil, we also support the expansion of our local economy. CNG is much more eco friendly than fossil fuels or ethanol. Engines run cleaner, quieter and far less hydrocarbon emissions are produced. In addition to being cleaner and safer than traditional diesel fuel, CNG is also significantly less expensive. These savings is being passed on to our customers in the form of lower, more stable pricing. Ace has been the local leader in utilizing CNG fueled trucks. Ace was the first sanitation company in the state of Utah to use CNG powered trash collection trucks. We have a state of the art fueling station at our headquarters that is capable of fueling up to 75 trucks simultaneously. Ace has committed to a 100% CNG powered fleet within 10 years.