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Food Waste Disposal

Reduce Food Waste

Up to 14% of emissions from agriculture in 2050 could be avoided by reducing #food #waste. Find out more: — WAMITAB (@WAMITAB) April 12, 2016

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Bioplastic from Banana Peels

16-year-old girl creates bioplastic from banana peels #bio #ecofriendly #waste #technology — Science Club (@ScienceClubNews) March 8, 2016

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Food Wastage Costs

Food wastage costs the world $750 billion a year. Say NO to food waste. @takepart #FoodTank — Food Tank (@Food_Tank) June 15, 2015

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Food Shouldn’t be in Dumpsters

France steps up to reduce #foodwaste: supermarkets must give unsold food to charity Food shouldn’t be in #dumpsters — Moana Simas (@moana_simas) May 22, 2015

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New Option for Food Waste Disposal

The landfill’s have long lamented about the difficulty of managing food waste in the landfills. Food waste produces an incredible amount of methane emissions. However, due to the fact that there weren’t a whole lot of options to be found on the market for food waste, this issue had remained unsolved . That was until…

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