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CANtastic Garbage Can Cleaning

Garbage can cleaning services for residential and commercial containers.


Does your garbage can smell horrible? Are you embarrassed because your can is just too dirty?

Ace Recycling and Disposal has partnered with a company to provide garbage can cleaning services for residential and commercial containers. Not only do we offer this great service to our customers but we will also pay part of the cost for you.

The CANtastic garbage can cleaning trucks are built in our facilities and serviced by us for peak performance. These renovated garbage trucks have the capability of washing your garbage cans in 3 minutes to get them looking brand new.

The best part is that you don’t have to haul out the hose, chemicals, brushes or hazmat gear in order to have a clean garbage can. These specialized trucks have two water tanks in the truck. One as a reservoir for clean water and one for the used water so you are not left with a mess to clean up. The service can be done on a one time basis or can be a regular monthly service for your trash and/or recycle containers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I clean my trash cans?

Your garbage can collects more than just garbage. It is also a collection for harmful bacteria and viruses that can hurt you and your family. If you have to leave your cans inside your garage you know the smells generated can be overwhelming and attract insects and rodents. These problems can be eliminated with our cleaning services. If you just use water you are not killing the bacteria you are simply giving them a bath! We kill 99.9% by using 180 degree water and biodegradable cleaners to insure that your cans have been sanitized, deodorized, and disinfected.

Can I just get my can cleaned once?

Yes we will, but we feel you are best served when signing up for regular periodic cleanings. First time cleanings usually take considerably longer than subsequent “maintenance” cleanings and is price accordingly.

How much water is used?

If you were to clean your own can using a hose, you could easily use 15 gallons or more. On average it takes us less than 4 gallons. Did you know it is AGAINST THE LAW to clean your cans and let the water run down the storm drain? This contaminated water does serious damage to our waterways and the environment. We collect the water and dispose of it properly. We have contracted with a local water treatment facility to maintain compliance with the Utah Water Quality Act and the Salt Lake Valley Health Department's requirements.

What items can be removed with the garbage can cleaning?

We use up to 3000 psi pressure which is very powerful. Paint, tar and other adhesives are extremely difficult to remove and may not come off. We will do our best to remove these problem areas as best we can. Cans that have not been washed in several years may also require a few more cleanings before these problem areas are broken up and removed. Our customers have been thrilled with the results and so will you. Please remember... if you have newer cans, they are sure to look brand new after cleaning. If your cans are several years old, they will be clean but may have the "worn look" still present. Although we can't take a can that is 20 years old and make it look brand new, it will be sanitized, disinfected, and deodorized to protect you and your family. We take great pride in offering this new and unique service to all our neighbors.

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