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Ace Disposal has been able to accept the following awards with the help of our great employees and customers. Thank You!

  • 2013 Energy Efficiency Award
  • 2012 Utah Work Life Award
  • Utah’s Best Places to Work Award in 2012
  • 2010 Utah Work Life Award
  • Utah’s Best Places to Work Award in 2010 – Ace Disposal has received the prestigious award for one of Utah’s Best Places to Work. This award demonstrates our hard work and dedication in understanding and meeting the needs for those who are a part of Ace Disposal. We realize the company would not be what it is today without the employees determination to work hard, and the customers loyalty to us. Awards are presented to three different categories: Micro, Medium, and Large. “Every year this award gets harder and harder to win,” said Lynette Rasmussen, Director of Department of Workforce Services’ Office of Work & Family Life. “The success of Work/Life Award winning companies shows up in many forms, including improved productivity, customer relation, retention, recruitment and marketing.” There are twenty companies who receive this award annually. We feel so privileged to be a part of the twenty outstanding companies.
  • 2010 ACEC Engineering Excellence Honor Award
  • American Council of Engineering Services (ACEC)
  • 2009 Business of the Year Award – West Jordan City
    Ace Disposal has worked closely with cities we service and value the relationships that have been built throughout the years. We recently have been awarded the 2009 Business of the Year Award presented to us by West Jordan City P.D.
  • 2008 Charles A. Caine Workplace Safety Award
  • Workers Compensation Fund of Utah – 10-15 Utah companies are chosen for this award every year and Ace Disposal is proud to say that we have been chosen to be a top 10 company. At Ace Disposal we practice all safety measures for our employees and we take pride in the fact that we have an excellent back to work program. If the employees are injured out on the job we don’t send them home without any pay. We put the employees in the office on light duty with full pay. This program keeps our employees working, but also gets them out in the field quicker. We educate our employees on hazards, have a safety committee meeting once a month for corrective measures, along with a safety meeting for all drivers and mechanics once a month to go over new procedures and discuss current situations. We take pride in our business and want our employees to feel safe on the job.
  • 2006 Best Companies to Work For
  • Utah Business Magazine – Ace Disposal, Inc received the award for Best Company to Work For in the Utah Business Magazine for 2006. We placed in the Medium Companies category. Each employee had the opportunity to partake in an anonymous survey for this cause. The part about Ace Disposal that set us apart from other companies was the annual profit-sharing program. “Since its inception in 1980, the company has implemented an annual profit-sharing program that has never failed to contribute less than 5 percent of employees’ yearly salaries at year’s end. Ace has also striven to keep health insurance costs down, and for the last four years, employee costs have not increased” Spencer Dickson, Utah Business Magazine.